Freak Show

Artist: TheMisto
Label: Guano Rock Records
Release Date: 14-1-2022
Genres: Industrial metal, Nu metal, Progressive metal

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Freak Show

Please sit down and let the show begin
Unseen hand put out candles around
Welcome please to our freakshow
That you will never see
Shut up
Shut up
Shut up and look
Is anybody here
I am lost
I follow the sun dog in the guts of the maze
My wormwood star is rising
The crazy preacher feeds the blind flock
It is time for silence
Do you hear me now
Do you hear me now
My voice goes from the heaven
Do you hear me now
Do you hear me now
Bathe your hands in blood for me
I am going deeper and deeper so much as I can
I follow the silence the walls are screaming
I have lost my name
In lights.
I am blind.
But see my hidden shadow.
Behind pied screens that full of lies
Do you feel me now
Do you feel me now
My desires are in your head
Do you feel me now
Do you feel me now
Close your eyes and back to sleep
Sumpeyes are still waiting for silvery threads
Slobbering fingers are stroking the leash
Worms are keeping silent and stinking like a god
The birth of an idol is all that we want
I will run faster from all this freaking show
I realized that the future never comes
Go back to sleep my honey lamb in mist
Just close your eyes, you fall into deep
I will take your host, and put it in your mouth
Just close your eyes and let it grow in us
The crowd of meat bags marching in the mist
I swallowing the host and so much love my leash
My world is butchery, grand pasture, and store
My grasslands flood with blood
I will burn your heaven
I will burn your hell
Will destroy all the temples
That you built in your head

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