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We're thrilled to unveil the newest addition to our metal family! 🤘 Please join us in welcoming Yevgeny to the band! His passion, talent, and energy are a perfect fit for our sound, and we can't wait to rock the stage together. Get ready for some epic metal madness! Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming shows. Let's \m/etal!
We're getting ready to record the album, finally!!!
Every "Another One" breakdown
Better late than never! TheMisto band would like to invite you to the acoustic evening in our studio. Let’s meet on May 4th on Braslas 22b at 20:00.

Labak velāk nekā nekad! Grupa TheMisto aicina Jūs uz akustisko vakaru mūsu studijā! Tiekamies 4 maijā Braslas 22b 20:00.

Лучше поздно, чем никогда! Группа TheMisto приглашает Вас на аккустический вечер в нашей студии. Встречаемся 4 мая на Braslas 22b в 20:00.
We will be glad to see everyone at the concert!!! There will be tracks that we haven’t played at the DEPO yet, as well as new material!!! see you on June 5 at the DEPO!!!
Heyyy, how are you? Our vocalist began a solo career secretly from us))) and started his own channel. The first single is coming out tomorrow. so I think he will be glad if you subscribe to his channel -
TheMisto Official Channel
Хэ-хэй! Как дела?😎
Получилось попасть на концерт?😜
Поделитесь впечатлением!😉
Может даже получилось что-то сфоткать или снять маленький видосик?
Смело присылай Нам в личку, обязательно поделимся в группе!😁👍🏻
Hi Guys!
How's goin'?😎
Have you been to our last gig?
How was it-share your story!😉
Maybe you did some photos or videos-send them to us, and we will share them here😁👍🏻