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Мы тогда там сможем лайвы давать)))
Кстати,onlyfans у нас тоже есть)))
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Would you like to hear our songs on acoustic?
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Try to guess the name of this song.... and you will be rewarded...
This is our best song in the style of the "Alvinnn!!! And the Chipmunks"!!!
Собрали все ссылки в одном месте)))
Channel photo updated
We have a lot of interesting and surprising ahead....keep in touch....
And many thanks to our photographer Anna Galilejeva!!!
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Random jam improvisation session....
Hi all!!!
We decided to introduce you to the members of our organization.
Meet Leonard - a crazy cult preacher:

This guy is very charismatic, erudite, cunning, and sly. Under the guise of wanting to help everyone and being friendly, he harbors an absolute hatred for everything human. He despises all religions and beliefs, and considers his cult to be the only true path in life.

He can play the organ and other keyboard instruments, which is why he is responsible for them in the group. He is a mycologist, and even has several honorary titles in this field, which he awarded to himself.

At first glance, this bastard looks like absolute evil, but don't judge him so harshly. He has a very difficult fate. Perhaps you would become like him if what happened to him happened to you, which we will tell you about later......Stay tuned!!!
RUS: Запилили трек наконец!!! Чекнуть можно на всех популярных платформах!!! Лайк, подписка и тд....Ну вы знаете, что делать=)))

EN: Finally released. Check out our spotify and youtube!!!