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🧨🧨🧨Folks, we're planning our last event of the year. if you want to play the guitar and sing, listen to music and just have a good time at our studio, we will be glad to see everyone!!!
👽👽👽Leo's personal project with dark jazz, dark ambient and various musical experiments will soon appear on the platforms.
Hey guys!!! Now we have a Patreon and we will be glad if you subscribe!!! Have a nice day to everyone and stay tuned!!!
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We are preparing for the upcoming event! Don't miss it on 29.12.23!
🧨🧨🧨RU: Ребят, всем спасибо за вчерашнее мероприятие!!! это было круто и весело, и столько новых людей!!! мы будем делать ещё подобные мероприятия так что будьте на связи, и всех с наступающим новым годом!!!

EN: Guys, thank you all for yesterday's event!!! it was cool and fun, and so many new people!!! We will be doing more events like this so stay tuned and Happy New Year everyone!!!
PS:фотки и видео с вчерашнего вечера будем выкладывать тут по мере нахождения)))
👽👽👽boo!!! how are you going? do you wanna some fresh good metal music? Check out the link and don't forget to subscribe -
While there is winter outside we are preparing for next gigs
🧨🧨🧨Do we have guitarists here? Maybe someone needs a guitar? As I'm selling mine. Details in PM...
🧐 It's time for themisto facts rubric!!!
"Never Again" - this track was our first experience with electronic drums and a lot of synths.The drums were assembled from various classic electronic drum machines 707, 808 and Atari, for example. Initially, only the main bass synth line and the leading synth melody were written for the track and everything else was built around this. This is also the first track where Leo used his skills and he is also featured on the cover of this track. I hope you can understand the meaning of the track without my help, the lyrics will be in the comments and have a nice day everyone!!!
We're thrilled to unveil the newest addition to our metal family! 🤘 Please join us in welcoming Yevgeny to the band! His passion, talent, and energy are a perfect fit for our sound, and we can't wait to rock the stage together. Get ready for some epic metal madness! Stay tuned for more updates and upcoming shows. Let's \m/etal!
We're getting ready to record the album, finally!!!
Every "Another One" breakdown